Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bumper stickers for books. . . or fans in unlikely places

First, ignore the dirty car and concentrate on the bumper stickers.

Now, picture this: I'm in one of those endless three-lane queues at the airport to pick up my daughter. A woman snakes forward beside me and starts gesturing wildly for me to roll down my window. I'm a little nervous as airport queues can turn nasty in a heartbeat, but I do it.

She leans across the passenger seat and shouts, "I LOVE those Isis bumper stickers. What do you know about Isis?"

We're standing dead still, so I holler back, "A lot. I'm writing a novel about her."

She: "I so want to read that. Where can I get it? What's the title?"

Me (sadly): "Still in progress, but there's a sample chapter on my website."

She pulls out a pen and piece of paper writes down the title of my book (Queen of Heka) and my website  (michalea.com).

Will she actually follow up? Who knows? Still, it made my day. It also made me think I must invest in book bumper stickers when the time comes. Maybe bumper stickers will place the ubitiquous bookmarks that used to be so popular at book signings. Who needs a bookmark for their Kindle?

This lovely banner from Titan PublishingTitan InKorp looks like the perfect bumper sticker for me.

Disclosure: This is not the first time my bumper stickers have generated a discussion. It is the first time  someone asked for information while the car was still moving (moving in theory, anyway).