Friday, February 12, 2016

Get your Noir on for Gamut

  1. 1.
    the complete range or scope of something.
  2. 2.
    online magazine, primarily of fiction, focusing on neo-noir, speculative stories with a literary bent.
  3. 3.
    a kickstart project to help fund the magazine costs.

Richard Thomas, editor and genius behind Gamut, says the magazine will publish original and reprint fiction, poetry, columns and embrace every corner of dark fiction—fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime, mysteries, neo-noir, magical realism, transgressive, weird, Southern Gothic—you name it. The key difference is that Gamut isn't  doing anything “classic”; it must embrace the idea of neo-noir (which means “new-black”), at the intersection between genre and literary fiction.

The Kickstarter began on 2/1/16 with a goal a base goal of $52,00 and graduated stretch goals of up to $82,660 . If you want to know what that money's going for, check out the Kickstarter site.  If the project meets its fundraising goals, Gamut will launch on 1/1/17.

With a bargain basement $30+ pledge, you receive a full online membership for one year, which includes new fiction, reprints, columns, non-fiction, poetry, serials, art, and much more . This rate will never be offered again. Your subscription will also remain at this rate as long as you renew. Indefinitely.The regular rate will be $60 a year ($5 a month). So, really, get on over to the Kickstarter site and make your pledge. And if you're feeling flush, there are different levels of memberships with other gifts. Just like PBS and NPR, except darker.

Just so you know Richard Thomas is a man who knows his darkness. He's the author of
Three novels: Disintegration, Breaker, and Transubstantiate
Three short story collections: Tribulations (Crystal Lake), Staring Into the Abyss (Kraken Press), and Herniated Roots (Snubnose Press)
One novella: The Soul Standard (Dzanc Books).
He's published over 100 stories and received 5 Pushcart Prize nominations. He is also the editor of several anthologies: Exigencies and The New Black (Dark House Press), The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers (Black Lawrence Press), and Burnt Tongues (Medallion Press) with Chuck Palahniuk (finalist for the Bram Stoker Award).

In his spare time he's a columnist at LitReactor,  Editor-in-Chief at Dark House Press, and teaches at LitReactor, the University of Iowa, StoryStudio Chicago, and in Transylvania (of course).

By the way, you can follow the Gamut Kickstart on Facebook.

If you're still not convinced you should support Gamut, check out this home video by Richard and his daughter.

So go on and pledge, you know you want to.