Monday, February 19, 2018

Ancient Egypt February 19

Hello Kitty: “Divine Felines” brings the cats of Ancient Egypt to the Carlos Museum
Third Intermediate Period, ca. 1076–723 BC, bronze, Gift of Anne Cox Chambers (© Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University; photo by Bruce M. White, 2012)

As any cat lover can tell you, felines are divine.

Ancient Egyptians took that notion even more seriously than pet owners of today, and a charming new exhibition at the Carlos Museum through November 11 offers a fascinating glimpse at the unusual status occupied by cats in the ancient world. It’s a small but superb show that explores feline themes in ancient Egyptian art. Organized by the Brooklyn Museum, and drawn from the collections of both the Brooklyn Museum and the Carlos Museum, the exhibition features more than 90 artifacts — sculptures, textiles, luxury items and funerary objects — dating from the Middle Kingdom to the Roman period.

Ra Wins Westminster God Show

NEW YORK—Commending his healthy frame, impeccable lineage, and ability to form light and order from the primordial chaos, judges announced Thursday that Egyptian deity Ra has taken top honors at the 141st annual Westminster God Show.

Roman temple remains discovered in Aswan by Egyptian archaeologists

During the field school organised by the Ministry of Antiquities at the site of Kom Rasras in Kom Ombo,Aswan, a group of archaeologists discovered the remains of a sandstone Roman temple according to Dr. Ayman Ashmawy (Head of Egyptian Antiquities sector).

Egyptian 'SCREAMING Mummy' has HORRIFYING explanation
EGYPTIAN MUSEUM OF ANTIQUITIESEgyptian Museum of Antiquities

Experts studying the so-called "Screaming Mummy" have long tried to solve the mystery of the terrifying remains.

Now they believe that he was either buried alive or poisoned.

When the body was first dug up from their Deir El Bahri valley, near the historic Valley of The Kings, archaeologists were stunned to see the mummified face distorted in a silent scream.

Picture of the Week: Abu Symbel 1900

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