Monday, August 27, 2018

Ancient Egypt August 27

A New Tradition is Born
Léo, master baker at the Intercontinental, shaped bread dough into mummies, falcons and vases to serve the traditional French ‘poule au pot’.

This July, in Cairo, the Institut Français d’ Egypte, invited Hopla Studios (a culinary design studio based in France), the French Embassy in Cairo, the Intercontinental Hotel City Stars, and Slow Food Cairo to collaborate in recreating heritage foods with a modern twist. Inspired by the important role of food in Ancient Egypt, and of bread in particular, the week-long event orchestrated by Hopla Studios, included round table discussions, presentations and workshops, and culminated with hands-on cooking sessions for children and adults at Mamushka’s restaurant. People of all ages found something fun and interesting to do whilst enjoying good food, presented with flair.

That Massive Black Sarcophagus Contained 3 Inscriptions. Here's What They Mean
Credit: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Three drawings, incised on three sheets of gold, have been discovered in a massive black granite sarcophagus in Alexandria, Egypt.

One expert, not involved with the research, told Live Science that one of the drawings may depict the seed pod of an opium poppy within a shrine. The significance of this enigmatic drawing is still not clear, the expert said.

Initial analysis shows skeletons from huge Egyptian sarcophagus are two men, one woman

The three skeletons found inside a massive granite sarcophagus unearthed in Alexandria last month have been analysed and found to be a young woman and two men, Egyptian antiquities officials have said, and intricate gold panels have also been discovered inside the coffin.

Egypt's new one-billion dollar museum (CNN Video)

Egypt is building The Grand Egyptian Museum, a more than one billion-dollar undertaking that will re-house and restore the country's most precious artifacts. Source: CNN

Picture of the Week: Ancient Egypt – Comparisons caught on camera

Click the link to see early and more recent photographs of some of the great sites. Here's an example from Luxor Temple.

Best meme yet!

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