Monday, November 5, 2018

Ancient Egypt November 5

Luxor Celebrates 96thAnniversary of Tutankhamun Discovery

The governorate of Luxor, starting from Sunday, November 4 until the end of the month, is celebrating the 96th anniversary for the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The government celebrates November 4 as the national day of Luxor.

New Facts about the Construction of the Pyramids

Scientists have discovered a special 4500-year-old system to extract and move huge stones in an ancient quarry in the Eastern desert of Egypt on the territory of Hatnub – reports Live Science.

The device is well-crafted slope surface with steps at the edges and numerous holes in the soil. These holes appeared on the wooden poles that were fixed mounts. Around them around the bundles. The ends were tied to a special sled, to which was attached a rock. Workers pulled the harness, and the unit is gradually raised.

Video: New technology reveals history and face of Aberdeen uni’s Ancient Egyptian mummy

Academics have used X-rays to visualise an Ancient Egyptian mummy that has been part of an Aberdeen university collection for more than 200 years.

A chance to see the face of an ancient Egyptian - Scottish Field

Will the London Obelisk Return to Egypt?

We need to take a stand on the condition of Egyptian antiquities abroad.

I traveled to London in October, to participate in the American University of Cairo’s fundraising campaign to help students who were financially-disadvantaged, yet gifted. I decided to take a taxi to Times Square, to see the Egyptian obelisk there.

National Museum of Scotland Launching New Galleries

The National Museum of Scotland -- the most-visited attraction in the UK outside of London -- has announced the opening date for three new galleries dedicated to East Asia, Ancient Egypt and ceramics.

Set for February 8, 2019, the opening of the galleries 100 days from now will mark the completion of a 15-year transformation of the National Museum of Scotland that has involved restoring the Victorian building and displaying more of its holdings.

Engraving in Minya Quarries Could Reveal How Ancient Egyptians Moved Stone Blocks in Khufu Period
Photo: Al-Ahram

A French-British archaeological mission from the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology and the UK's Liverpool University have discovered ancient engravings alabaster quarries in Tel El-Amarna that could help reveal how ancient Egyptians managed to move stone blocks from alabaster quarries during the Khufu period.

Joseph Fiennes & Sir Ranulph Fiennes Journey Down The Nile For Three-Part Exploration Series For Nat Geo

The Handmaid’s Tale and Shakespeare in Love star is teaming with the explorer, who is his cousin, in Fiennes: Return to the Nile. The pair will journey down the river in Egypt to re-visit the locations that Ranulph explored on his first expedition 50 years ago.

Natalia Vodianova Celebrated Halloween as an Egyptian Goddess

Suited for holiday, Vodianova chose a very original wearing a green dress to the floor and decorating his head with the accessory in the form of a Golden bowl shaped like a throne, she appeared in the form of the Egyptian goddess ISIS. (The name ISIS translates as “throne”.)

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