Monday, June 29, 2015

Ancient Egypt this week Pricey Shroud, Solar Boat, Emmer, Tut the Mini Series

Thirty wooden beams of second solar boat arrive to the Grand Egyptian Museum

A collection of 30 wooden beams of the second solar boat have arrived to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) after restoration. The new batch is to be stored in the museum galleries for reconstruction and later display.

The first solar boat (shown in the photo) in the Solar Boat Museum outside the Great Pyramid is almost as awe-inspiring as the Pyramids themselves.

Rare ancient Egyptian shroud fetches 374,000 euros at auction

A follow-up from last week on the rare 3,400-year-old Egyptian burial shroud. It fetched 374,000 euros ($426,000) at auction in Paris Thursday, on the latest leg of a journey that has seen it passed from a billionaire banking heir to his wife and, later, his mistress. I should note that I was not the winning bid.

Emmer wheat making a comeback?

Believed to have been cultivated for at least 7,000 years. Sometimes known as Pharaoh’s wheat because it was common in ancient Egypt. Referred to in newer translations of the Bible. Still popular in Italy, where it’s known as farro.

Restoration of Tutankhamun's funerary mask to start in August

Beginning in August, visitors of Tutankhamun's galleries at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir will not be able to admire the king's distinguished gold funerary mask which will leave its original display for intensive restoration to repair the improper restoration carried out recently.

Video clips of King Tut the Mini-Series

There are twenty-one video clips if you're itching to see things before the premiere on July 19.

Nile Magazine's article on the series has this tip: If you go into it expecting to be more entertained than enlightened, then you'll be fine. If the recent Exodus movie is any guide, Hollywood is great at the razzle dazzle, but on historical accuracy? Not so much.