Friday, August 28, 2015

How to make papyrus (videos)

Of course, you don't "make" papyrus, you grow it. So, the really long, unsnappy headline should be A method for turning the papyrus plant into something you can write on. These days, we often use the word papyrus to mean paper, so I hope I didn't lose anyone.

The word papyrus /pəˈpaɪrəs/ refers to a thin paper-like material made from the pith of the papyrus plant, Cyperus papyrus. Papyrus can also refer to a document written on sheets of papyrus joined together side by side and rolled up into a scroll, an early form of a book.

Papyrus was used in ancient Egypt (at least as far back as the First Dynasty). The Cyperus papyrus plant was a wetland sedge that was once abundant in Southern Sudan as well as the  Nile Delta of Egypt. Papyrus was also used throughout the Mediterranean region and in the Kingdom of Kush. Ancient Egyptians are thought to have used papyrus as a writing material, as well as employing it commonly in the construction of other artifacts such as reed boats, mats, rope, sandals, and baskets.

Or, if you're in a more serious mood

In any event, my little plant has a long way to go.