Monday, November 16, 2015

Ancient Egypt this week: Imohotep & Amenhotep

Saskatchewan architect draws ancient Egyptian archaeological site

A retired Regina architect recently returned from a month of documenting archaeology in Egypt. David Butt went with some archaeologist friends to a 5,000-year-old city. They dug up layer after layer of civilizations that lived at the site.

Egypt to Ben Carson: no, the pyramids were not for storing grain
Antiquities minister says presidential hopeful’s claim doesn’t deserve response, while another official points out that ‘this man is not an archaeologist.’

If that isn't enough, Ancient Egyptians wrote the reason behind the Pyramids.

Exhibit explores life and art of Oakville Egyptologist Amice Calverley

Amice Calverley — who lived in Oakville — is pictured in Egypt during one of her many expeditions.nextplay/pausepre1/2

Over her lifetime, the late Amice Calverley worked as an artist, nurse, musician and art collector.

The Oakvillian’s artefacts, artwork and music have had a permanent home at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, founded by her niece Sybil Rampen.

Amenhotep's Book of the Dead: Afterlife in Brisbane

An ancient Egyptian boy's blackened foot, minus one toe, sawn roughly from his leg at the ankle, is a macabre relic of a time with tomb robbers, magic spells, scraps of papyrus. Learn how a 3400-year-old mystery was solved in eureka moment in Brisbane.
Scanning the Pyramids.

Thermal scans of Egypt's Great Pyramid reveal anomalies

The scans revealed anomalies including empty areas in the pyramids, which could be internal air currents or different building materials

Some other reports;

No, Imhotep and Joseph Were Not One and the Same
Ben Carson says he thinks Joseph built the pyramids, but the Egyptian records and experts say it was Imhotep, who, no, is not Joseph.
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Scan Pyramids Mission video
And finally, this video

ScanPyramids Mission Teaser_English Version from HIP Institute on Vimeo.