Monday, December 14, 2015

Ancient Egypt this week: Mummies with broom handle neck & head full of dirt


The oldest patient at Massachusetts’ General Hospital (MGH) does not lie in one of the beds in a patient room, rather he’s been in a display case in its original surgical amphitheater for more than a century. This surgical amphitheater is known as the Ether Dome because this is where, in 1846, William T.G. Morton demonstrated the first public surgery using anesthetic, or ether.

Uncovering Middle Kingdom Egypt with Adela Oppenheim

During Egypt's transformational Middle Kingdom period (ca. 2030–1650 B.C.), earlier artistic conventions, cultural principles, religious beliefs, and political systems were revived and reimagined. Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom, on view through January 24, presents a comprehensive picture of the art and culture of the Middle Kingdom—arguably the least known of Egypt's three kingdoms, and yet one that saw the creation of powerful, compelling works rendered with great subtlety and sensitivity.

The Kings’ Delta

Egypt has been conceived of by many as limitless desert sands, pyramids and Sphinx. Immensely desert land, a cut river band of the life-giving Nile. Rarely do we realise how important the Nile Delta, as if standing out in this scheme and bathed in green, was and still is. The Nile Delta or perhaps the Kings’ Delta...

The Delta region has never drawn a crowd of explorers. It had been said that the most interesting discoveries could be made in Upper Egypt or in the area of Memphis Necropolis because the famous pyramids near the present-day Cairo are located there. The Delta put the people off because it lacked spectacular ruins on its surface.

Mysterious Egyptian Mummy Has Head Full of Dirt

A mysterious Egyptian mummy dating back about 3,200 years has dirtin the skull, a new investigation reveals.

The presence of what looks like dark sediment inside the mummy's head is bizarre, said the researchers, who used computed tomography (CT) to peer inside the mummy. Not only was there some sort of sediment in the head, the researchers found, but the individual's brain remains inside, too.

Museum to open at Cairo International Airport

Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty is to open  a small museum in the transit hall at Cairo International Airport's Terminal 3. Eldamaty told Ahram Online that the museum was established in an attempt to promote tourism and Egypt’s distinguished civilisational history.

Ancient Egypt

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