Monday, October 31, 2016

Ancient Egypt this week: Early Egyptologists, video, and games

Margaret Murray: Varied career of expert in 'witch-cult' folklore

She was an Egyptologist and folklorist born in Calcutta in 1863.

She would go on to become a successful academic, but during her childhood she did not receive a formal education. In fact, she never had to sit an exam before entering university.

U. of C. Frat Guts Home Of America's First Egyptologist

Phi Gamma Delta is investing $2 million to renovate the former home of America's first Egyptologist, James Henry Breasted.

Phi Gamma Delta is working on a $2 million renovation of the former home of James Henry Breasted, the archeologist and explorer who collected many of the artifacts in the Oriental Institute and helped identify the tomb of King Tut.

Tutankhamun ITV miniseries set to give Birmingham Museum a 'mummy mania' tourism boost

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is expecting a surge in visitors over October half-term because of renewed interest in Ancient Egypt sparked by ITV's new miniseries Tutankhamun.

For more on this miniseries, see Tutankhamun: how ITV's follow up to Victoria has already courted controversy.

Antiquities ministry trying to stop sale of Egyptian artefacts at New York auction

The Egyptian antiquities ministry is trying to prevent the sale of Egyptian artefacts by Toledo Museum of Art at Christies in New York next week.

To benefit its acquisitions fund, the Ohio-based museum has put up for auction a collection of 64 works.

Queens of the Nile

Queens of the Nile will tell the unique story of the ancient Egyptians pharaohs' wives during the New Kingdom period (1500 to 1000 BC). Visitors can admire 350 top archaeological pieces, including rare sculptures, magnificent jewelry and luxurious artefacts used by women at the Egyptian court, plus the sarcophagus cover and grave goods entombed with one of Egypt’s most celebrated queens, Nefertari. The Museo Egizio in Turin is loaning 245 of its finest objects for the exhibition. This is the second largest ancient Egyptian Museum in the world.

Unknown Dynasty: The Mysterious Pharaoh Tombs Found In Egypt

Amid other tombs of Egyptian kings found the burial place of the unknown pharaoh, which archaeologists suggests the idea that similar discoveries may be expected soon.

Pharaoh’s name, Senebkej, was found written on the wall of his tomb, which is part of the archaeological site of Abydos, near the city of Sohag in southern Egypt.

Egyptian God Medjed Stars in New TV Anime Series Starting November

Fuji TV announced on Tuesday that it will air a new television anime based on the Egyptian god Medjed titled Kamigami no Ki (Chronicles of the Gods). The first episode will premiere on the late-night variety program #Hi_Poul on November 24. Sōtsū is animating the series, and illustrator Konatsu is designing the characters. Toshiyuki Morikawa is performing the theme song "Kamigami o Tataeru Uta" (The Song for Praising the Gods).

For more on this series, see Egyptian Pantheon Runs Wild in "Kamigami no Ki" TV Anime


Better polish your sarcophagus: the irreverent Trending Pharaoh launches today on Smartphones and Tablets

Barcelona - October 28, 2016 - Videogame developer Undercoders today announced that the hilarious incremental game Trending Pharaoh is now available on Smartphones and Tablets, via Apple’s AppStore and Google Play, for free

X-Rays Are Revealing the Mysterious Writings in Mummy Coffins

A space-age solution to an ancient problem. For more than a century, archaeologists have dismantled mummy coffins, also known as cartonnage, in a hunt for literary treasure. In ancient Egypt, undertakers entombed the departed middle-class in sheets of papyrus thrown out by local scribes, hiding the recycled wrapping with a layer of paint and plaster, or gesso. To uncover the text—everything from bills of sale to the rare castoff of Greek literature—collectors use invasive methods, including massaging intact coverings in a sink full of Palmolive suds.

Pre-Civilization Egypt simulates the birth of history

There is a little kid in everybody that gets excited when the topic of ancient Egypt is brought up. We have all been introduced at an early age to the enduring legacy of the pyramids and the mystery shrouding Egypt’s ancient civilization. To a history nerd like myself, ancient Egypt is also significant because it was one of the earliest known civilizations to develop an ability to write, and therefore, create history. Pre-Civilization Egypt looks to portray an informative and educational gameplay experience of this mysterious past.