Friday, February 17, 2017

Video Friday: KHAEMWASET "The First Egyptologist"

Prince Khaemweset (also translated as Khamwese, Khaemwese, or Khaemwaset)  was the fourth son of Ramesses II, and the second son by his queen Isetnofret. He is by far the best known son of Ramesses II, and his contributions to Egyptian society were remembered for centuries after his death.  Khaemweset has been described as "the first Egyptologist" due to his efforts in identifying and restoring historic buildings, tombs and temples. In later periods of Egyptian history, Khaemweset was remembered as a wise man, and portrayed as the hero in a cycle of stories dating to Greco-Roman times.  In these stories his name is Setne, a distortion of the real Khaemwaset's title as setem-priest of Ptah; modern scholars call this character "Setne Khamwas."

And just by coincidence (NOT), he is a character in my current Work in Progress, Reeds of Time.

KHAEMWASET "The First Egyptologist"

Khaemwaset, the world's first archaeologist?