Friday, March 10, 2017

Video Friday: Omm Sety

Dorothy Louise Eady, also known as Omm Sety or Om Seti (16 January 1904 – 21 April 1981), was Keeper of the Abydos Temple of Seti I and draughtswoman for the Department of Egyptian Antiquities. She is known both for her belief that she was an Ancient Egyptian priestess in a previous life and for her research at Abydos. Her life and work is the subject of many articles, television documentaries, and biographies. A New York Times article described her life story as "one of the Western World's most intriguing and convincing modern case histories of reincarnation."

On my first trip to Egypt, our guide asked if I had heard of Omm Sety. I hadn't. Three days later, he found a copy of Jonathan Cott's The Search for Omm Sety for me. It was a fascinating book, and I finished it before I left Egypt. One of the more interesting factoids about this book is that it was a project of Jackie Kennedy's when she was an editor at Doubleday. Jackie met Omm Sety during a tour of Egypt and remained fascinated with her. My guide had worked with a number of Egyptologists in his younger days, including those at Chicago House. I asked him what they thought of her. His reply, "They're very careful, but they all say something's there." Indeed, if you look at various documentaries, you will find various Egyptologists making their way to Omm Sety's home and consulting with her. The moments are brief, but they are included.

 Other books by and about Omm Sety include:
Note: When I bought these last two books, I paid considerably less than $2000 and $874.99 for them. I have an investment I didn't know about. ­čśť

Now, for the videos.

Omm Sety Priestess of Abydos

Omm Seti - Trecho do Documentário: Egypt; Quest for Eternity

The Best Documented Story of Reincarnation Ever Told

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