Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ancient Egypt this week: Osiris, Leather Manuscripts, & Bird-breeding


Osiris, Sunken Mysteries of Egypt  

A landmark exhibition of over 250 antiquities, will open after the holiday season, from 8 September until 31 January at the Arab World Institute, Paris.

Do not miss the amazing multimedia demo about the exhibition here.

Oldest, Longest Ancient Egyptian Leather Manuscript Found

The oldest Egyptian leather manuscript has been found in the shelves of the Egyptian museum in Cairo, where it was stored and forgotten for more than 70 years.

Dating from the late Old Kingdom to the early Middle Kingdom (2300-2000 B.C.), the roll measures about 2.5 meters(8.2 feet) and is filled with texts and colorful drawings of the finest quality. Read more about it here.

Ancient Egyptians bred and force-fed kestrels as religious offerings to the gods

Ancient Egyptians bred birds of prey for religious offerings to the gods, scientists have discovered. The use of 3D imaging of a mummified kestrel showed it died because of forced overeating, with the bird having choked to death on its last meal of a mouse.

Published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, the team from the American University in Cairo, Stellenbosch University and the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies said this is the first evidence to show ancient Egyptians mass bred birds of prey as offerings to gods. It is also thought these birds were used in falconry for hunting.

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