Friday, September 4, 2015

History & Fiction - Tut's Political Penis & Ra video star

Ancient Egypt was a crazy place.

King Tut's Mummified Penis Hints at Political Struggle?
The king's burial as god of the afterlife reflects ancient turmoil, study says.

He's ancient Egypt's most famous pharaoh. The discovery of King Tut's treasure-filled tomb in 1922 made him an international sensation and a subject of continuing study and analysis.

Most recently, mummy expert Salima Ikram, an Egyptologist at the American University in Cairo, has suggested that the mortal remains of King Tutankhamun-including a symbolically erect phallus-may point to a struggle for the political soul of his country.

King Tut's mummy has many strange features that have often been explained as the results of his hurried burial after his untimely death around the age of 19. But Ikram now wonders if these oddities were deliberate attempts at making Tut look like Osiris, the god of the afterlife.

The Egyptian Sun God Ra Shines as a Pitchman for SolarCity

Ra the ancient Egyptian sun god, returns to illuminate mortals about SolarCity's alternative energy solutions in commercials from Arnold Worldwide. I must he's looking buff.

At home with Ra: Fish Tank Diet

At Home with Ra: Horticulture

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