Friday, July 15, 2016

The Tale of Osiris (Video by Ashraf Ezzat)

I've seen plenty of videos about the Osiris story. Most of them are pretty god-awful, no pun intended. If they're not scrambling the story to suit a personal agenda (and the story is pretty scrambled to begin with), the video is often just tacky.

Now comes this video by Ashraf Ezzat, which took my breath away. The narrative is clear from beginning to end, and the animation is crisp. Well worth a watch, even if you don't agree with every point.

You can find out more about the creator of this video and see his other works on his blog.

I first heard about the video on a Facebook page that I follow called The Hotel Healing Centre / House of Life Abydos. They offer tours, health treatments, accommodation, and a course of Ancient Egyptian Healing. They also have a web page.