Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ancient Egypt this week: Goodbye 2016

Is there a forgotten pharaoh buried in this tomb? Newly-discovered 4,200-year-old wall could hold an Egyptian secret
Archaeologists have uncovered what they believe to be a pharaonic tomb.
A six foot wall was unearthed during a project in Qubbet el-Hawa, Egypt.
The stone wall is dated 2278-2184 BCE by the pottery shreds embedded within.
The 4,200-year-old tomb gives architectural support to another tomb.
A new tomb that could hold the bodies of at least one unknown pharaoh has likely been discovered in Egypt, archaeologists have said.

Egypt: an ancient land with many stories to tell

EGYPT is a destination that most people I talk to would one day love to visit. I know that in recent times Egypt has gone through some changes politically and socially. We witnessed all that through the media and to the Egyptians' credit it was a relatively smooth process unlike what is happening in Syria at the moment. Egypt is open for tourism again and if you weren't put off by what happened earlier in the year then now is a good time to reconsider the possibility of spending your next holiday there. I think by now we are all aware that there are idiots out there willing to hurt innocent people, just look at what has happened in France in recent times. However we are a lot more resilient these day to acts of violence and are more willing to still travel and not be persuaded by the few to change our minds like they want us to.

British Museum Returns Stolen Egyptian Antiquity
An exhibition at the museum of Egypt displaying recovered artifacts, which were stolen from the museum by looters during the country's 2011 uprising. Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

The Egyptian embassy in London has received an antiquity stolen from an ancient Egyptian temple in Luxor.

The antiquity, a limestone carving engraved with hieroglyphic symbols, was stolen from Queen Hatshepsut‘s temple, according to Fox News, and smuggled out of the country.

Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science to Open at MODS

Pyramids in Ft. Lauderdale? It’s true, at least when Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science arrives at the Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS) starting February 4, 2017!

The exhibit is an interactive quest for knowledge that reveals how archaeologists use modern science and technology to uncover and understand the ancient civilization of Egypt.

For the First Time, All 5,000 Objects Found Inside King Tut's Tomb Will Be Displayed Together

the conservation center for the Grand Egyptian Museum, a man hunches over an ancient piece of papyrus, patiently cleaning each fiber in an attempt to restore it to some semblance of its former glory. Nearby, another painstakingly pieces together a set of sandals—nearly ruined, but believed to have been worn by King Tutankhamun—that now resemble something of a jigsaw puzzle, pieces of black material scattered within the golden filigree that binds each shoe together.

Horus-Harpocrates the Child in a sun disc

Horus-Harpocrates the Child within the sun disc resting upon the Akhet lions, surrounded by an Ouroboros. From the Papyrus of Dama-Heroub, 21st Dynasty 11th-10th century BCE.

Egyptian culture also contains what may be the world's oldest reference to an ouroboros. Inside the pyramid of Unas, it is written: "A serpent is entwined by a serpent...the male serpent is bitten by the female serpent, the female serpent is bitten by the male serpent, Heaven is enchanted, earth is enchanted, the male behind mankind is enchanted." There is, however, no illustration to go along with this text.

From the Grand Egyptian Museum Facebook page.

Mena House circa 1910 and Today