Friday, January 24, 2014

That Liz Taylor/Cleopatra/Isis Costume

The fabulous Liz Taylor costume in Cleopatra is a mash-up of two of the outfits typically worn by Isis.

What Liz wore

This costume comes from the epitome of old Hollywood epic movies. I loved those movies, and I nearly fainted when I saw this costume on the big screen. 

What Isis wore

Naturally, the greatest goddess in the Egyptian pantheon could come nowhere near the fabulousness of Liz Taylor, but she did her best. The first picture is of Isis in one of the depictions of her with wings (not easily seen in Liz's costume, but definitely there). In the second one, Isis is on the throne, and the goddess Ma'at (also winged) kneels before her. (Yeah, the ancient Egyptians did some mash-ups of their own.) There you see the vulture crown and scale-like texture of the dress. 

The movie 

If you don't remember or have never seen the gaudy spectacle for which the costume was designed, well thank god for youtube. Liz isn't actually on stage until about 6 minutes in.

Old Hollywood, what a trip!

Now you know why young Michalea threw a hissy fit to see this movie.