Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ancient Egypt this week: Eating, bowling, and rocking with Pharaohs, Inventions, Museums, Technology, Videos, Oh, my

Food of the Pharaohs The great fertility of the Nile valley provided the ancient Egyptians with a delicious and wholesome diet ranging from staples such as bread and beer to herbs and spices like dill, mint and cumin. Using these ingredients the British Museum's 'chef du tempe perdu' has created 35 recipes for dishes the pharaohs and their people may have eaten, including soups, starters and snacks, main dishes, desserts and baking. I have and enjoy the book. (A chef friend did a themed birthday party for me.) More importantly, the Egyptian Grand Museum likes it.

Ancient Egyptian Inventions That Are Still Used Today

There are so many things in our lives that we use on a daily basis that we don’t really consider them inventions anymore. But are we aware of their origins? You’d be surprised to see just how many things we have the Pharaohs to thank for.

Pharonic Music
At least that's how google translates the Arabic.

San Jose’s Egyptian Museum Vibes off its Secret Society Roots

In sixth grade, students in the California public school system study ancient Egypt. And every year, thousands of these students visit the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in western North America.

Where? In San Jose at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, of course.

5 Amazing Stories About Ancient Egypt That Deserve to Be Movies

We' ve seen stories of ancient Egypt on-screen before—the biblical tale The Prince of Egypt, the extremely long Cleopatra, and the Mummy trilogy, as well as that one episode of Futurama on the possibility of ancient aliens. But have we mined all the stories of ancient Egypt, which spanned thousands of years and several cultural milestones in human history? Of course not, and we have a ton more ground to cover.

I'm working hard on making number 2 a distinct possibility in Queen of Heka.

Technology reveals ancient Egypt’s complex history
Oriental Institute team uses digital tools to capture nuances and share research