Monday, July 27, 2015

Ancient Egypt this week: Corn maze, Egyptology, Surgery, & Isis in Pink

Jacob's Corn Maze will feature a trip back to Ancient Egypt

 The 2015 design for Jacob’s Corn Maze has been announced. This year, guests will have the opportunity to get lost in ancient Egypt as they travel their way through corn-crafted pyramids, pharaohs and hieroglyphics.

Exclusive: new excavations in valley of the Kings by an Egyptian mission 

Dr. Mamdouh El Damaty told Luxor Times today that an Egyptian mission will start excavation in the valley of the Kings on the 1st of August.


This is the length and breadth of the ancient Egyptian empire for most of its history.

The ancient Egyptians had a seemingly upside-down way of looking at their world: Upper Egypt was in the south and Lower Egypt in the north!

Have you explored ancient Egypt?

Everyone should be an Egyptologist. Three thousand years of well-preserved history. It is a gift. Everything is there. Culture, religion, politics, war, peace, commerce, wealth, power, poverty, victories, defeat, failure, success, rises and falls, fashion, love, beauty, art, music. And ancient Egypt still lives in our culture. Our calendars, the way we judge in the Olympics, the way we associate emotion with the heart

Was surgery performed on Egyptians? Prosthetic pin in 3000-year-old mummy discovered

This mummy has a secret - a medical secret, a mystery that spans over 3,000 years.

Researchers during a routine DNA test on a male Egyptian have made an astonishing discovery after finding a 23cm iron orthopaedic screw inside his knee.

Favorite photo of the week
Isis and Nephthys in the coffin of Teuris. Allard Pierson Museum (Amsterdam).