Friday, July 31, 2015

Queen of Heka by the chart

This graphic about what causes the most problems in Egyptian literature (although it probably should say Egyptian mythology) has been making its rounds on the Internet thanks to Kara Cooney.
So, I wondered how my novel Queen of Heka measured up.

 Here are the results:

Famine: Absolutely.
War: A couple.
Gods abandon you: More times than you can count.
Suicidal thoughts: A few.
Hungry donkey: How did I miss this one?
Pharaoh complains too much: Does a whinging King of Gods count? I think so.
Boating accident: Bingo.
Giant Snake: How could I write a novel without mentioning Apep? Obviously, I couldn't.
Prophecy/Oracle/Angry Magician: Duh! This is practically the plot.
Assassination plot: At least two.
Seductive woman: Ever heard of the Kushite Queen Oso? Probably not, but you will.
Misplaced penis: Yes! This IS a novel about Isis and Osiris, although in our house we call this problem the "amazing, missing golden wang."
Uncle sexually assaults nephew: Next book!
Lettuce: The antagonist's favorite food.
Physical attack: It's a given, and at least one features the crocodile god, Sobek.

I might have a classic